Water Baptism

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Evangelism story: Perfect Timing Eric and I met “Bill” (not his real name) at the door, a young 18 year old. There was no lady at home, but he said to come back the next day at 3.00 pm because his girlfriend (eight months pregnant) would be there.

I arrived at three o'clock. The girlfriend wasn't there but his mum was. They were fast paced people and I was pressed to show them our work rather than wait for the girlfriend to arrive. So I proceeded, hoping she would soon turn up. (She never did.)

I didn't get past page three on the prospectus when Bill's mum said she knew all about health because she was in a Church that taught good nutrition, although she hadn't been to church for quite some time due to a fallout with a close friend. She was very discouraged and questioned God over much of it. We talked for two hours, and I hope some of this encouraged her through God's Spirit and Word. At this time she also ordered the full first package of the Family Lifestyle Series for her son (soon to be a father), and we all hope that the girlfriend (a nonbeliever) will read them too and use them to raise their child. Bill's mum also signed up to do the “Taking Charge of Your Life” home correspondence course.

I invited them to the Bible study group I was going to that night, and praise the Lord, Bill came (unfortunately his mum couldn't come due to work). Bill enthusiastically dusted off his Bible (literally)! He said he hadn't been to church for over a year. Praise the Lord for His leading and His timing! Please pray for “Bill” and his mum when you read this. - Carol Van Wees, Western Central Area